EW15 story
raising a wind turbine

The Entegrity Wind Systems Inc. EW50, formerly known as the EW15, is based on the well-known and proven AOC 15/50 wind turbine, which was manufactured by Atlantic Orient Corporation in Vermont from 1991 to 2001. The "15" refers to the rotor diameter (15 meters) while the "50" references the 50kW nameplate capacity.

In 2002, Entegrity began building on the practical simplicity and ruggedness of the AOC 15/50 design and named it the EW15. The EW15 helped utility customers control energy costs using an economic, robust and simple wind turbine to leverage free, on-site wind resources.

In 2008, Entegrity chose to enhance the product image by simplifying the name to EW50, which denotes the rated capacity. The EW50 is the most tested commercial-scale wind turbine. Its predecessor served as the reference wind turbine for the 1996 International Round Robin wind turbine testing standards program. Analyzed by national energy laboratories around the world, the parent of the EW50 served as the benchmark to help national laboratories confirm that wind turbine performance assessment methods adopted by the international community produced consistent results in a variety of operating conditions and environments.

Since 1991, the EW50 has undergone continuous improvements in design and manufacturing, including improved drive train assembly, improved blade manufacturing and improved wind turbine system control. These improvements and ongoing research and development will ensure that the 30-year design life, demonstrated by the AOC 15/50 is realized.